Speaking Out

Click below to hear NYCHA tenants describe their mold battles.

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"The mold has been going on for the longest, but it's getting worse."

by Evelyn | Marble Hill Houses

"It looks like a broken down bathroom in the street"

by Diana | Red Hook East Houses

"I get no feasible response...I'm at wits end."

by Elisa | Washington Houses

"Four months later the leak came back."

by Javier | DeWitt, Clinton Houses

"He's in and out of the hospital with asthma."

by Stacey | Castle Hill Houses

"You can actually smell the presence of the dampness."

by Robert | Castle Hill Houses

"Clorax and water does help but you have to keep up on it."

by Lisa | Castle Hill Houses

"Fast as we wipe it it comes right back."

by Priscilla | Red Hook East Houses

"It's giving me breathing problems."

by Mary | Grant Houses

"I'm not the only apartment in the building that has it."

by Resident | Strauss Houses

"Right now NYCHA is actually in contempt of court."

by Mr. Kitchen | Drew Hamilton

"They do a patch up job and they walk right back out."

by Pedro | Castle Hill Houses